In 2017 the newest order of logs has arrived, and crikey, a lot of those buggers were frikkin´ beauties !

Even if you don´t consider buying one right now, they are seriously worth a look.
That´s why Mad Matt went the extra mile this year and shows the maximum size of pics, if you care enough to click to enlarge a pic.
This is what Didgeridoo-dreams are made of :-)

The following logs were available that year:

18 Eucalypt-Raw Logs

@ approx. lenght of 1,4 m. :
To have a close look, » click here :

And 28 Eucalypt-Raw logs

@ approx. lenght of 1,6 m. plus:
To have a closer look at those beaties,  » just click here:

Have fun looking at the raw logs  :-)