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Concert/Performance White Cockattoo

Concert on 8th of July 2011

White Cockatoo.The Time Machine.
This group of traditional tribal artists from Australia invite you to come with them on a journey back in time.

Back a very long time in human history. Back to the spirit.
The 'didjeridu' is the sound of the earth and its' droning sound was given to the tribes by spirits who live in rocks, the mimi spirits.
The songs were given to an old master by an owl who was channeling the spirit of a dead woman in a graveyard.

The music is not from this time, it is from the dreamtime.

The songs you will hear are a part of the worlds' oldest unbroken artistic tradition. The 'goodbye'/'bo bo' song maybe the worlds oldest song. Sung at tribal gatherings in the distant past this sad song of parting is still being sung in the same way today.
We will sing this song together and when we do we will travel through time, together, to the time of dreaming. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the earth. Hear the voice of your own heart.

Concert details :

Date :   8th of july 2011  
Concert begins at :   8 p.m. 
Doors open at  7 p.m. 
Location :   Junges Forum Kunst, Luisenstraße 80, 53721 Siegburg  
Entrance fee :   Free entrance, you´re asked to donate what you can give at the concert.  
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Message to Mad Matt


Free entrance, donation is asked for

According to the rules of the location´s owners, no entrance fee applies.
Please use the opportunity to donate liberally after the concert.

It would be highly appreciated if you, according to your financial abilities, make a donation that considers the value of what you see during this concert. Just compare to how much you usually and gladly pay for a visit to the cinema or going out on other special occasions.

With your donation you support the artists directly, as well as you support the opportunity, to organise highly specialized events like this one again in the future.

Audience from far away

driving long distances to get here, please mind: Do come early, the best would be You be here when the doors open at 7 p.m. !

The places in the room are limited, and can´t be granted without the ticket sales.
So who´s first is safer to see the show.